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Adobe® ColdFusion® 8 software solves the day-to-day challenges of Internet application development, allowing you to be extremely productive as you create and deliver engaging online applications. And because it fits into any IT environment, you can use ColdFusion 8 for everything from small departmental applications to highly scalable, reliable implementations of your most important business applications. With a host of new features, dramatically improved performance and scalability, and easier integration with enterprise IT environments, Adobe ColdFusion 8 is the best release yet ! Hire PHP Developers has been offering quality ColdFusion development services since the days of ColdFusion 4.5. Over the years our ColdFusion developers have used ColdFusion Programming to create solutions that are modular and stable.

CF applications can dynamically generate and interact with PDF documents and forms for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information. CF can easily provide data to existing Ajax applications and frameworks. We have extensive experience with ColdFusion as well as other related technologies such as Rich Internet Applications development using Flex & AJAX. We have worked with various development methodologies including MVC, Fusebox and Model Glue II.

Our Coldfusion Developers’ areas of expertise are:

  1. ColdFusion Website Design and development
  2. Ecommerce Portal design and development in Cold Fusion
  3. Conversion from HTML to PDF and FlashPaper
  4. Client-side code generation, especially for form widgets and validation
  5. Platform-independent database querying via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) or JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).
  6. Data retrieval from common enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol), HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Microsoft Exchange Server
  7. Client and server cache management
  8. Session, client, and application management
  9. File indexing and searching service based on Verity K2
  10. XML parsing, querying, and validation
  11. Server clustering
  12. GUI administration
  13. Task scheduling
  14. ColdFusion 8 Support

Qualifications of our Coldfusion Developers shall be:

  1. 4 year college degree in computer science or 3 Years Masters Degree
  2. Software Development Life Cycle Experience
  3. 2+ Years of experience in ColdFusion Projects
  4. Extensive exposure to Coldfusion 7, Coldfusion 8 and Web 2.0
  5. Working knowledge of WordPress Blog, Blogspot Blog, Twitter, etc.

We offer Corporate Identity Hire Coldfusion developer in IT development industry. For more information on website and software development contact us.

We offer Corporate Identity Hire Coldfusion developer in IT development industry. For more information on website and software development contact us.

  • We were pleased with the work done by you. We like the design work. The team communicated pretty well and frequently. We would recommend them for website and e-commerce projects. The design was the main thing for our project and we are very happy with it.