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We manage the staff of dozens qualified engineers and developers who are always ready to help you with your X-Cart needs. We throw as many developers as you need for your project to be sure the job will be done in time and with the highest quality. The reserved staff of X-Cart dedicated engineers – the fast reaction team – is always available for immediate jobs like patching or restoring your system after a crash.

You can also request a remote team – a team of X-Cart developers who are dealing with your tasks only, despite how much job you have. They are always at your disposal and on contact via email or an instant messenger.We can provide complete e-commerce solution with development of competent shopping cart software & e-commerce websites. Past few years, the developers have achieved a great deal of expertise in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, VBScript and XML.Our deducted X- Cart developers are experts providing you complete solution to your X-Cart services needs.

They are always at your service ensuring that your job will be done in time with the finest accuracy and available for urgent needs like patching or restoring your system after a crash. We look forward to assist you at anytime.

Complete X-cart Package:

  1. This package is suitable for high-end X-Cart services at a reasonable price and in less time.
  2. Enables you to start selling with X-Cart instantly.
  3. X-Cart Installation & Custom Template
  4. X-Cart Design Integration and X-Cart Customization
  5. X-Cart Payment Gateway Setup
  6. Server Configuration & Deployment
  7. Dummy Order – Online Testing
  8. Set-up of up to 10 Product Categories
  9. 20 Input of up to 15 Products

X-Cart Design Integration Package:

  1. If you already have X-Cart template or custom design and required design integration into X-Cart then Experts From India’s dedicated developers provide X-Cart design integration service and integrate your template in to X-Cart application.
  2. X-Cart Design Integration
  3. Deployment
  4. Online Testing with dummy orders

We offer Corporate Identity Hire X-Cart developer in IT development industry. For more information on website and software development contact us.

  • We were pleased with the work done by you. We like the design work. The team communicated pretty well and frequently. We would recommend them for website and e-commerce projects. The design was the main thing for our project and we are very happy with it.